CUSCO USA 2021 SEMA Show - Display Vehicles Preview

CUSCO USA 2021 SEMA Show - Display Vehicles Preview


We are pleased to announce that CUSCO GR86 featured by Pandem & TEC-ART'S AE86 will be displayed at 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Check out this CUSCO GR86 render by PANDEM

CUSCO GR86 - 2021 SEMA Show
CUSCO GR86 - 2021 SEMA Show

We collaborated with Pandem to develop the wide body kit for coming new Toyota GR86 and this is all new and more aggressive looks ever!

Please visit our SEMA Booth # 24847 at Las Vegas Convention Center "Central Hall".

SEMA Show: November 2nd (Tue) - 5th (Fri), 2021
Place: Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada

[CUSCO GR86 - Sponsored by]
Wide Body Kit: Rocket Bunny / Pandem
Tire: Yokohama ADVAN A052
Brake: WinmaX
Exhaust System: Fujitsubo Exhaust in Japan
Seat: BRIDE Seats - Stradia III (New)

[CUSCO GR86 - Special thanks to]
Works Bell - RAPFIX2 (Steering Wheel Quick Release Hub Kit)
Crescent Garage - Steering Wheel

[CUSCO GR86 - CUSCO Parts (2022 Prototype)]
Clutch System:
Clutch Release Fork
Pivot Ball
High Capacity Differential Cover

Strut Tower Brace:
Front : Type - OS
Brake Cylinder Stopper Kit

Power Brace:
Engine Room (Non-adjustable)
Front Lower Arm Plus
Rear Pillar
Rear Member Side

Drive Train Parts:
Steering Rack Bushing Set
Shift Lever Retainer Bushing
Transmission Mount Collar Kit
Drive Shaft Heat Shield
Rear Member Collar Set
Rear Differential Mount Collar Set
Shifter Spring

Engine Parts:
Oil Level Gage Stopper
Battery Tie-Down
Oil Filter
High Pressure Radiator Cap
Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

Front Stabilizer
Rear Stabilizer
Rear Upper Control Arm
Rear Lateral Link / Lower Control Arm Rear
Trailing Rod

Sports Equipment:
Acceleration Pedal Attachment
Parking/Emergency Brake Knob
Front Tow Hook
Rear Tow Hook

Built by TEC-ART'S in Japan - Yoshinori Kamata
Owned by Mastermind NA - Takashi Ohira

Check following PDF file for more details of the vehicle specification.