CUSCO Products for 2017+ TESLA MODEL 3 & Y - Updated in September 2023


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CUSCO SL1-540-A Front Strut Tower Bar
Model 3 - Installed
Model 3 - Installed
Model 3 - Installed


  • TESLA Model 3
  • TESLA Model Y

All CUSCO high performance products are proudly MADE IN JAPAN since 1977 by dedicated designed and development team after countless road testing. We are introducing new EV segment parts to meet next generation vehicles demand.

[Front Strut Tower Bar]

Front Strut Tower Brace Kit
Product Number
SL1 540 A
JAN Code

- Material : High Strength Steel Side Brackets + Light Weight Type-OS (Oval Shape - Type-2) Aluminum

- Bolt-on Installation (Installation Time: approx. 1.0 hour)

- Available in November 2023

*** Easy to install, simple yet effective strut bar can increase chassis stabilities and noticeable noise reduction. Additionally the bar can help reducing/eliminating body vibration from the front suspension movement while driving.

The original front trunk cover fits back to the original position, the strut bar will be hidden. ***

Recommend for all TESLA Model 3 & Y owners!

After installation - Model 3

[Model Y]

Installation - TESLA Model Y US Model
Installation - TESLA Model Y US Model
Installation - TESLA Model Y US Model

***Tech Tip - We noticed that TESLA Body has a slight body variances from production at factory and our side bracket mount hole (bottom hole) might be off-center slightly with TESLA Wiring Harness Bracket Hole. Recommend to install all 3-point mounting holes with bolts loosely first and then tighten each bolt firmly.

CUSCO Bracket has extra hole to relocate the original wiring harness.

Installation Tip
Installation Tip
Installation Tip
Wiring Harness Relocation