New Product Announcement July 2023 - CUSCO Door Stabilizer Set

Universal, Toyota / Lexus / Scion, Subaru
CUSCO Door Stabilizer Set (Set of 2)

CUSCO / AISIN - Door Stabilizer Set

CUSCO universal Door Stabilizer is designed to increase chassis rigidity by filling a door and body gap. By eliminating excess gap between a door and body, it improves steering response and chassis rigidity. For example, when changing a lane on a freeway. Available for most Toyota / Lexus models.

Door Stabilizer Set (Set of 2), Toyota / Lexus most models
Product Number
00B 066 A
JAN Code

***Torque Spec***

- CUSCO Sliding Striker Plate (T40 Torx Bolt): 23 Nm / 17 ft-lbs.

- CUSCO Door Locking Plate (T30 Torx Bolt): 5 Nm / 3.7 ft-lbs.

***Recommend to purchase Flat Head Bolt Set for Scion FR-S / Toyota 86 / Toyota GR86 / Subaru BRZ (1st & 2nd Gen) models. These models use Round Top Bolts on Door side and need to replace with Flat Head Bolts. ***Tech Tip: Technically OE Bolts (Phillips) can be re-used to install, however, we recommend to use T40 Torx Bolts to tighten properly.

Part No. 00B 066 SP02

Description: Flat Head Torx Bolt Set, M8 x 1.25

QTY: 4 pcs. per set (for Door side only)

Price: $9.50

Door Stabilizer Set
Body Side Installation
Door side installation
Comparison Chart OEM vs. CUSCO/AISIN Door Stabilizer
Product Details
CUSCO Door Stabilizer Set - Vehicle Application Chart

CUSCO Door Stabilizer Set - Vehicle Application Chart
CUSCO Door Stabilizer Set - Vehicle Application Chart


Some Toyota/Lexus models (especially IS & GS Models) use following door trim design and CUSCO Door Stabilizer set cannot be installed due to this trim cover design. Please check your model about this area before purchasing.

Incompatible Door Trim Design (Toyota/Lexus)