Suspension Rods, Arms, LinksVarious types of control arms/links for Camber / Caster / Toe Adjustment

CUSCO suspension parts are designed to improve vehicle handling characteristics, whether used alone or with other CUSCO parts. These performance parts enable precise suspension adjustment and should be highly considered when factory components are not sufficient enough for the demanding type of motorsports the end user participates in. It also compliments other high performance modifications the vehicle has undergone, such as high grip tires by limiting factory bushing slop and giving more direct feel of the road surface.


Arms 5
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Keeps the front wheels stable in quick turns

Handling, corner speed and steering response are dramatically increased. The high rigidity pillow ball rods also increase stability under heavy braking and straight line acceleration by reducing toe out and friction.


The pillow ball suspension arms are simple bolt on performance modification.


The turn buckle allows for simple adjustments in wheel alignment settings / changes.


Covered with the rubber boots, durability of the pillow balls are increased rejecting the water, mud, and dust.



Increased cornering performance.

By fitting these negative upper "A" arms, the surface of contact increases under cornering for greater performance.

175-474-K 1
Front Upper Arm2



Controls unwanted forces under acceleration and braking.

CUSCO's pillow ball joint trailing rods prevent unwanted wheel hop and vibration under acceleration and provide smooth braking. Tire grip is therefore increased thus making your driving experience exhilarating! You will notice a day and night difference in improve traction, braking and cornering characteristics of your pride and joy.


The turn buckle type enables delicate CASTER ANGLE adjustments.

965-474-T 1

Arms 7



Controls unwanted forces under acceleration and braking.

CUSCO's pillow ball joint lateral links / control arms are designed to secure traction and stability during acceleration under high speed cornering. Most effective when fitted with racing tires or larger size tires. Also, enhancing aggressive racing looks by CUSCO Blue from rear!


Toe-in and toe-out or Camber settings are easy to adjust.

Arms 8



Provides proper camber angle and improves car movement

Prevents irregular tire wear and keeps the tire planted to the road surface. More precise wheel alignment is possible with the additional of the CUSCO adjustable rear toe control rods.


The turn buckle will correct the improper camber that is caused by the change of vehicle height.

965-474-L 1
965-474-L 2
1A1-474-L 1
1A1-474-L 2
223-474-LD 1
223-474-GD 2
suspension camber 1



Understeer or oversteer as you wish.


With the turn buckle, the rear toe-in can be adjusted easily.

199-474-E 1
223-474-ED 2
223-474-ED 1
Toe adjustment2

DRAG ROD * for competition use only


Provides precise handling for Nissan’s equipped with HICAS

The drag rod replaced HICAS systems, eliminating the softness feel at high speed by providing a direct feel in car control and traction.

222-474-TC 1
222-474-TC 2

REAR LATERAL LINK KIT * For Subaru Impreza WRX GC/GD Models


Newly developed Metal/Plastic "Hybrid pillow" is adopted.

Solid and stable performance like metal pillow-ball joints, but still with the silence like rubber bushings.

GT link will provide you the stable alignment, that gives you more traction and cornering performance.

660-484-LC 1
Arms 4