Adjustable Rod for Headlight Auto Level AdjusterFor lowered or raised vehicles

The modern vehicles equipped with the automatic headlight level adjuster for real time ride height changes.

The headlight level aimed downward to the ground whenever the vehicle’s suspension changed or traveled (for example, lowered or compressed). This is because of the headlight level sensor is located in the rear.


In order to correct those symptom, CUSCO introduced the Adjustable Rod for Headlight Level Adjuster. It is easy to reset the appropriate headlight level. In some cases, the ECU can utilize the headlights level according to its vehicle height; however, there are parameter limitations for electronic sensors and it will eventually require a mechanical adjustment.

CUSCO offers several different rod lengths and attachments/brackets to cover majority of the vehicles.

- Rod Only - $50.00 MSRP

- Rod + Bracket - $58.00 MSRP

Measure the factory default rod length and select the appropriate CUSCO Adjustment Rod.

auto levelizer adjust rod lineup

Part Number: 00B-628-### (A throughOA)