Add-On Bar Kit (Carbon / Aluminum / Steel) for CUSCO RollcageFor Rollcage

Add-on bar can be used with CUSCO 40mm OD Rollcage by clamp joint after installing in your vehicle. The bar length has limited adjustment by center turn-buckle for adding bar tension to have more vehicle body rigidity. Select the material type (Carbon, Polished Aluminum or Steel painted in Black) and measure the length (inside-to-inside between bars) where you wish to have. Four different length bars are available and check the adjustment range for your needs.

  • Carbon Bar: $320.00 each
  • Aluminum Bar: $240.00 each
  • Steel Bar: $214.00 each

Please see PDF file for more details.

This product is designed for adding more rigidity/tension to the rollcage only. Please do NOT to use as "Safety Harness Bar" purpose for your Safety.

Part Number: 00D-270-#####