Smart Cross Wrench17mm / 19mm / 21mm/ 12mm HEX

CUSCO Smart Cross Wrench breaks down to two straight bars and can be used in multiple ways.

Use it to remove, quickly spin or install lug nuts. One bar is solid steel and the other is the adapter pipe finished in the signature CUSCO blue.

Easy storage in the vehicle and MUST have for your safety and emergency use.


  • Size: 12 Hex x 17mm x 19mm x 21mm

  • Deep & short socket design

  • Measurement: 400mm x 400mm

  • Weight: 900 grams

  • Torque Capability: 450 Nm / 332 ft-lbs.

  • Material: Chrome molybdenum

  • Finish: Durable melamine coat mirrored Finish

  • Included: Clear Case, CUSCO Silver Decal

  • 100% MADE in JAPAN

00B-060-A 5
00B-060-A 6

MSRP: $ 54.00
Part Number: 00B 060 A