Shift KnobWhite 44mm OD Ball Shape Duracon

A simple and elegant shift knob from CUSCO. Made of White Duracon (Polyacetate) that is lightweight and finished smooth. The shift pattern label (5 and 6 Speed) is included and impressed onto the top of knob showing a 5 or 6 speed shift pattern.

00B 760 1WW - Thread Size M12 x 1.25 (mm) for Toyota / Subaru (Not all) / Suzuki
00B 760 3WW - Thread Size M10 x 1.25 (mm) for Nissan / Mazda (Not all) / Mitsubishi
00B 760 4WW - Thread Size M10 x 1.50 (mm) for Honda (Not all)

MSRP: $ 40.00
Part Number: 00B 760 1WW / 3WW / 4WW