Racing Harness 6 Point (NEW)for HANS Devices

Shoulder Belts have 2-inch wide narrow design and fit to 6-Point FHR / HANS Devices.

  • FIA approved
  • Billet Aluminum Light Weight and Compact Rotary (Cam Lock) Buckle
  • Comfortable and Smooth material for long hours of use
  • A7075 Aluminum Alloy Adjuster
  • Available Three Different Color
    Blue: 00B-CRH-N6HBL
    Red: 00B-CRH-N6HRD
    Black: 00B-CRH-N6HBK

*Must use with FHR / HANS Devices as set.

MSRP: $ 420.00
Part Number: 00B CRH N6H##