Worldwide Distributors

Feel free to contact our authorized distributors worldwide for any inquiries and/or questions.

We at Carrosser, Corp. in Japan, strongly urge that you inquire and purchase our products only from our authorized distributors to maximize your opportunity and advantage of receiving proper service and warranty of our products. Please also be aware that products purchased from an unauthorized shop/dealer/distributor worldwide, may have slight variations, such as fitment and alignment issues/errors, in which we cannot and will not be responsible for.

Thus, it would be in your best interest to purchase all our products directly from our authorized distributors for up-to-date product information, fitment and quality in both service and professionalism.

Authorized CUSCO Distributors

CUSCO has authorized dealers and distributors location located across the world that handle our products. Please feel free to find and contact them from the list below for any inquiries and/or questions (e.g. ordering, deliveries, help with any CUSCO products). They are always waiting for your visit/contact.